Tips To Deal With Residential Emergency Plumbing Situations

Residential Emergency Plumbing Tips

Chances are if you have lived in your house for quite long, you have come across some plumbing emergencies also at some point of time:

  • leaky pipes
  • clogged toilets
  • backed-up drains
  • low water pressure
  • odd-smelling or discolored water

A few of such emergency plumbing conditions are simpler to repair than others. Most of the people know to plunge the toilet, but locating and replacing damaged sections of pipe is quite hard for most.

For lots of plumbing emergencies, time actually is of essence. The longer an issue goes unaddressed, worse the damages can get.

That is why many individuals hire professionals to find and fix key plumbing emergencies. An expert usually has the experience and tools to quickly recognize an issue and make lasting repair.

However, you cannot wait for professional services always. Or, you may want to try and reduce cost by fixing the issue yourself. For some lesser severe emergencies, DIY repair is a perfectly valid alternative.

Before you get on your aim of repairing the disposal or of removing a clog, but, here are some tips for how can you handle any plumbing emergency inside your house:

Learn Where The Plumbing Cutoffs Are Situated

One among the most vital things you can perform to fix any plumbing issue is to be familiar with the plumbing system. A basic information you must know before beginning to fix lots of plumbing issues is where the isolation valves/ cutoffs for your water pipe are located all through the house.

For a few Plumber Everett repairs, you might have to access or remove pip, and you cannot do that securely with water moving through them. Knowing just where you can easily shut off the water flow is essential to make the repairs.

In addition, learn how to quickly shut the water heater off, and turn off before removing pipes, even though you “know” that you will not be messing with hot water line. Opening hot water line accidentally with heater engaged could lead to severe burns.

Ensure You Have Some Plumbing Tools

Having right tools will make a great difference in how simple a plumbing repair job is.

A few tools every homeowner must have include:

  • A bucket: Helpful for catching the spilled water under leaky pipes or pipes that you are working on along with a tool caddy.
  • Specially-marked or old toothbrush: Toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning around inside of a pipe or drain and removing any buildup.
  • Plungers: Forced cup plungers actually excel at unclogging the toilets, whereas cup plungers are quite handy for forcing any sink clogs through the line.
  • Adjustable wrench: Useful for screwing and unscrewing pipes.
  • Multi-bit screwdriver: Helpful for assembling and disassembling certain pipes assemblies and the surrounding cabinetry.
  • Slip-joint pliers: Handy for handling small pipes.
  • Allen keys / wrenches: Sometimes helpful for fixing garbage disposals and faucets.
  • Duct/sealing tapes: The duct tapes can be utilized as temporary fix to simply hold pipes together. The sealing tape is helpful for going around pipes threading to form better seal and avoid leaks in the new pipe installation.
  • Paper towel/rag: Used to clean spill.
  • Drain snake: It can be utilized to break up blockages deep in the pipe where you can’t normally reach.
  • Protective eye-wear: Avoid eye injuries and infections by wearing a protective goggle.

With such tools, you must be able to do many different kinds of plumbing repairs in the house.

Assess Severity and Nature of the “Emergency” Before Trying DIY Fix

A few plumbing issues are easy to repair. Others, not much.

A clogged drain or toilet is a common problem, and there actually are many ways to repair such an issue. Leaky pipes may need just a fast inspection and tightening, the usage of sealing tapes, or even complete replacement of section of pipe, based on nature of the leakage.


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