Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Avoid Drain Cleaning Mistakes

Drain cleaning is among those common household jobs that gets ignored too often. Bad drains maintenance can result in nasty clogs, foul odours, and damaged pipes inside your house.

Appropriate drain cleaning can easily spare you from nasty & costly plumbing issues later on. But, too many homeowners just make some basic mistakes that wind up costing them lots of dollars later on.

Knowing whatever these mistakes are could help you to avoid making them in your plumbing.

Over-Using Chemical Drains Cleaners

Chemical drains cleaners often market that they’ll assist you save your money on any Plumber Everett call, however in lots of cases, they actually are the reason of an expensive fix. While it’s true that a single bottle of drains cleaner can eat at a clog in your toilet or drain, it’s vital to keep in your mind how they actually do that.

The cleaners use very harsh chemical reactions so as to dissolve clogs of hair and many non-water soluble things. The issue is that if such chemicals are used often or in wrong concentration, they easily can eat away your drain pipes along with clog you were wanting to clear.

It leads to leaks, broken pipes, and other issues that can be worse than a clogged pipe only.

Sticking More Down the Pipes

In a few cases, it may be attractive to create DIY drains clearing tool by just taking a hanger and straightening that out or utilizing a broom handle. But, this can cause much more issues than it resolves if makeshift tool is utilized in the wrong manner.

Simply pushing against clog might not break it—you may simply end up pushing that clog deeper in the drains and make it harder to fix. The hanger solution may work in case you catch a part of clog with hanger hook and then pull it out, however this will need the blockage to be close to drain access.

In addition, when using any broom handle or other stubborn makeshift pole to hit a clog clear, then you risk breaking the pipe simply. Using purpose-created tools to clear clog and following their usage instructions will be more effective and safer than using jury-rigged solution.

Flushing Wrong Things Down Your Pipe

One among the best methods to keep your drains pipe in proper working condition is by not putting the inapt things down the drains in the very first place.

But, lots of homeowners put a few or all the following things in the drain without any second thought:

Cooking Grease. This is a popular clog which cause killing kitchen’s sinks. Pouring oil and grease down the sinks can make it to stick to walls of pipes, restricting the flow and thus making it simpler to clog.

Right from men hair stubble in bathroom sink, to long hair strands that generally fall out in shower, hair’s a massive problems for drains. Hair doesn’t biodegrade or dissolve easily, allowing it form core of many clog and fatberg.

Animal Fat, Bone, and Cartilage. The garbage disposal may be capable to shred a few bits of food, however it is best to always avoid pushing leftover meat, bones, and ribs down the sink. The bones can damage disposal’s blades whereas cartilage, fibrous animal tissues and fats contribute to difficult-to-clear, solid clogs.

Paper Products and Plastic Wrappers. You should not put something as much solid as plastic wrapper down in the drain. Wrap film can create a clog easily that will need professional attention to clear. Even the paper towels and similar paper products can remain enough solid in a pipe s as to become core of a blockage.


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